Endogenous Growth and External Balance in a Small Open Economy

This paper puts forward an intertemporal model of a small open economy which allows for the simultaneous analysis of the determination of endogenous growth and external balance. The model assumes infinitely lived, overlapping generations that maximize lifetime utility, and competitive firms that maximize their net present value in the presence of adjustment costs for investment. Domestic securities are assumed perfect substitutes for foreign securities and the economy is small in the sense of being a price taker in international goods and assets markets. The endogenous growth rate is determined solely as a function of the determinants of domestic investment, such as the world real interest rate, the technology of domestic production and adjustment costs for investment. The endogenous growth rate is independent of domestic savings and the preferences of consumers. Given the domestic growth and investment rate, the preferences of consumers determine the current account and external balance. The model can also be used to analyze the implications of budgetary policy. The world real interest rate affects growth negatively but has a positive impact on external balance. The productivity of domestic capital affects growth positively but causes a deterioration in external balance. Government consumption and government debt affect the current account and external balance negatively, but do not affect the endogenous growth rate. This model addresses and resolves the indeterminancy problems that arise in comparable representative household endogenous growth models of small open economies.

Full Paper in PDF

Working Paper 15-2012 of Department of Economics AUEB

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